9th Wonder ベストコンピアルバム “Jamla Is The Squad” 本日1月28日リリース!

http://four5ive.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/jamla640.jpg http://four5ive.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/jamla-squad-back640.jpg

1. “God Willin’” f. Actual Proof & TP
2. “No Matter” f. Halo, Masta Killa & Rocki Evans
3. “Life of Pi” f. Rapsody & Blu
4. “Bang” f. Big Remo, Halo & Rapper Big Pooh
5. “No Competition” f. Talib Kweli, Elzhi & Phonte
6. “Pretty Bird” f. Halo, Masta Killa & Talib Kweli
7. “Walk On By” f. GQ & Heather Victoria
8. “15 Minutes of Fame” f. BJ The Chicago Kid & Add-2
9. “Bomber & A Fly Chick” f. Add-2
10. “Betty Shabazz” f. Rapsody
11. “Drive Home” f. Heather Victoria
12. “Rated Oakland” f. GQ
13. “Be Inspired” f. Pete Rock, Lecrae & Rapsody
14. “Shinin’ Star” f. Terrace Martin
15. “Not Sure” f. TP
16. “At Night (3AM Sh*t)” f. Buckshot
17. “Slum Livin’” f. Big Remo, Ransom & Styles P
18. “Love Unconditional” f. Heather Victoria & Jadakiss
19. “Illuminaughty” f. Rapsody
20. “Iron Mic 2″ f. Add-2
21. “Warriors” f. Big Remo & Termanology
22. “Knock Knock” f. Add-2 & Sundown
23. “All Good” f. Joey Fatts & Rapsody
24. “Soldier” f. Big Remo & Halo


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