Taylor Gangと2010年契約したCourtney NoelleのMixTape「Love On The Run」!


Courtney Noelle – Love On The Run

Track list

  1. Love on the Run (Intro) (Prod. by Anthony M. Jones)
  2. Chance (Prod. by Sledgren)
  3. On The Run (Prod. by Ricky P & TY$)
  4. Fooled (Prod. by E. Dan)
  5. Libra Feat. Chevy Woods (Prod. by MizfitzSoundz)
  6. Just Fuckn Feat. TY$ (Prod. by SK)
  7. Guarantee (Prod. by Ricky P)
  8. More Than Love (Interlude) (Prod. by E. Dan)
  9. You Got Me Feat. Wiz Khalifa (Prod. By Terrace Martin)
  10. Without You Feat. Juicy J (Prod. by MizfitzSoundz)
  11. Recollect (Prod. by Sham of Soundkillers)
  12. Love on the Run (Outro) (Prod. by Anthony M. Jones & Ricky P)


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