New mixtape from Snoop Dogg & Crew x DJ Drama, Part 3 of the “Thats My Work” series

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Track List
1.Snoop x Daz – Pop Pop Bang
2.Snoop x Daz – Happy Birthday
3.DPGC – Dick Walk
4.Snoop Dogg – Full Of That Shit
5.Snoop Dogg ft. Warren G, T Fly – Never Had It Like This
6.Snoop x Daz – Phenomeon
7.Kali Uchis ft. Snoop Dogg – On Edge
8.Snoop Dogg – Talkin Loud
9.Soopafly ft. Snoop Dogg – Weed N Wax
10.Snoop Dogg – Cadillacs
11.Snoop x Daz – Around The World
12.Snoop Dogg – Miss Everything
13.Snoop x Daz – What’s Yo Pleasure
14.Snoop Dogg – Aint Nobody
15.Snoop Dogg – Terradectacal
16.Snoop Dogg ft. Kokane, Black Hef, E White – Aint It Man
17.Snoop Dog ft. Soopafly – Feel Like Heaven
18.Snoop Dogg x Kurupt – Freestyle
19.Snoop Dogg ft. Pooh Bear – Happy Birthday Pt 2
20.Snoop Dogg – Gangstas Don’t Live That Long


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